Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michigan road trip!

When school got out for summer (in the middle of May), I thought to myself....."dear Lord, what am I going to do with these girls all day all summer?"  So, we started making some plans.  First on the agenda was a road trip with the girls to go see my best friend and her family in Michigan.  How far you ask?  14 hours....going 70 and no stops.  So, with two toddlers in tow, I had no idea.  I did it solo.  Everyone told me I was crazy.  I kind of thought they were right. 

Julianne is a dream to travel with.  Land, sea, air...makes no difference.  Since day 1 she has been that way.  Loved her car seat when she was a baby, has never fussed on a plane, even digs boat rides.  Claire on the other hand hated her car seat (still does), never wants to sit still on a plane, and basically hates sitting still.  A three hour drive can be painful with her so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Both of them did awesome!  Watched movies the whole way, slept a little, and we only stopped three times on the way there for potty breaks and food (that's right people...3 stops in what turned out to be an almost 17 hour drive).  I do believe in miracles!  The drive was gorgeous and the family waiting for us at the end of the journey are some of our favorite people on the planet.  Definitely worth the drive! 

Here we are about 2 hours in.  Claire passed out.  I was happy!
 I changed the girls into their jammies on our last stop so they would be ready for bed when we got there (sometimes I actually surprise myself and am prepared).  Jammies, food, and a movie.  Happy girls!
 The first day we were there we went to Ben's end of school year picnic.  Claire liked the pizza!
 And the slide (check out that static on the hair)
 Ben and Jules (they are only 3 months apart in age)
 Playing in the sandbox
 My prissy daughter.  Striking a pose even when playing with sand.
 Claire made herself right at home immediately
 We let Ben and Julianne and Claire play in the basement for a while and here is what I found when I went downstairs.  It took an hour to clean it up.  Ben said Julianne did it and Julianne said Ben did it.  Classic.
 I love my silly girl
 One of Julianne's favorite parts of being with Aunt Randi is that she knows how to do killer braids!  Mommy is not so talented with the hair.
 The trip tired her out.  She literally passed out next to me when we went to take a nap.  Took about 2 minutes.  Travelling and playing is hard work!

We went to the Toledo zoo while we were there.  The kids had fun.  Except for Claire.  She was a whiny hot mess that day.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the day at the zoo:

walking in together...hand in hand
 Drew and Jules seem to have a special bond
 It was bright, can you tell?  Check out Jules.  No, I won't squint, I'll just cover my eyes!
 Where or where should we start?
 All the kiddos (and me because Claire wouldn't be in the picture unless I was holding her)
 Checking out the elephants
 Elephant getting his feet washed!
 playroom theater = awesome
 dog head
 fish head
 Claire wanted to be carried the whole day and Abbie is such a trooper.  She carried her for me over half the time!
 Seriously?  Sweetest picture ever.  Love.
 Ben climbed up there all by himself 
 Drew, Jules and Ben
 Claire liked the tail
 See?  One of the only pictures where she is almost smiling!
 Jules and Uncle James checking out the penguins (Julianne's favorite)
 Girl talk 
 Jules and Uncle James
 Snack break
 5 minutes into the ride home.  Zoo=zonked!
 They both passed out.  Julianne looks just like her father in this picture!
 And then we have our tween in the back with her super cool shades and playing with her itouch!  Love it!

 Claire had Oreos for dessert.  I'm not sure if any actually made it into her mouth
 I almost can't stand the cuteness
 Claire and Uncle James.  He is a super dude and watches all 5 kids while Randi and I go shopping, to a movie, or whatever we want.  He's awesome like that!
 Sweetness.  Pure and simple. 
 All 5 kiddos the morning we left.  It's always so sad to say goodbye to them. 
 And they both passed out about an hour into the drive.  We made it home in 13 hours!  Only stopped twice!  Love these girls!

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