Thursday, May 31, 2012

Other randoms from May

We had a busy month with school getting out, our trip to Michigan, and spending time with good friends before they moved away.  So sad!  I love this area but one of the things about it that I do not like is that it is very transient.  People come here, live here for 2 years, and leave.  Wal Mart is headquartered here and every vendor for Wal Mart has an office here so anyone who works for a vendor usually is here temporarily.  We've had to say goodbye to some good friends this year and we are not happy about that.  We are happy that we met them and get to stay in touch though!

This is Claire and Bryson, son of my friend Amy.  She was the first friend I made when I moved here and she is just awesome.  I found out they were moving and cried.  She's that kind of friend.  
 Claire riding the Barney train!
 Julianne and her buddy Eva.  We didn't know it at the time, but Eva was soon to move away too.  :(
 This is Julianne at her Awana award ceremony (she's on the far left).  This was her first year of Awana and she loved it!  It's a program at church on Wednesday evenings where they play games, learn bible verses, and learn about Jesus!  She did great memorizing her verses this year and she is looking forward to next year too.  Claire also gets to go next year!  

 This is the Mother's Day binder Julianne made at school to give to me.  The note says "I love my mommy because I like to hang out with her and she always makes me hot dogs, chicken and pasta".  Ha!

 This is what the month of May did to Julianne.  So tired!  

This is the girls on a Saturday morning when I made them pink pancakes!  Pancakes are probably their favorite food and pink pancakes = 100 times better!

We hope you all had a blessed May.  We are looking forward to the summer to take some fun trips and play!

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