Sunday, June 3, 2012

Julianne's 1st dance recital!

Jules had her dance recital this weekend!  This was it people, the day she practiced for every Thursday for 8 months!  Her first year of dance.  She loves it and I'm so proud of her.  She is a shy little girl and it was so brave of her to go out and perform in front of such a large audience.  The dance recital was all of the students (preK-high school) that attend this Dance studio so the audience was quite large.  She was so excited and had a great time.  We also found out that our shy little girl really comes to life when on a stage cause she shook it!  

Mommy curling Julianne's hair.  She felt like such a big girl getting to get her hair curled and a tiny bit of make-up!

 This is backstage just before the recital started.  
 And the back side of the hair.  So pretty!
 She is just the cutest isn't she?  She looks so grown up here!
 Julianne with Ms. Meghan (the owner of the studio and Julianne's teacher)
 Jules and Mimi
 So proud of our girl!  
 And my absolute favorite picture from the evening....
I can't even imagine how proud parents feel when their kids are in the Olympics...or on American Idol....or win a state championship in something.  I don't think I could have felt more proud and this was just a little dance recital for a little four year old girl.  She gave it her all, practiced hard, and enjoyed it!  There is nothing better than seeing your child do that (in anything)!  We love you tiny dancer!

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