Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random June happenings

Since I'm playing catch-up I'm going to combine a few posts into one to show you how we spent the month of June.
What's better than laying out by the pool in the summer time?  

Or a fun painting birthday party?

 Or swim lessons....wait, not swim lessons.  Not for this kid.  OMG!  She hates swimming.  Actually, she just hates her head going under.  I don't know how to solve this problem.  3 summers of swim lessons haven't done it.
 Family hike on a pretty local trail
 Learning how to skip rocks across the water
Feeling the water 
 The number 1 thing about summer?  Wearing shades every day!

Julianne went to a youth theater camp this summer for a week and loved it!  They did crafts, danced, did a little play, etc.  She enjoyed it a great deal.  Here is artwork she did over the week. 
 On the final day of camp, they invited the families to come and watch a little performance.
Here is a little video of Julianne dancing.  It's hard to see her because she is behind a tall boy but you get the idea!

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