Friday, July 20, 2012

Washington trip

We went out to Washington state last week to visit Shaun's family.  His older sister and her family came up from California too so we all got to spend some time together.  The girls had fun playing with their cousins and their papa and gramma.  

The best part of the visit?  According to the girls it was gramma and papa's bed.  They just got a fancy new bed that moves up and down, gives you a massage, etc.  The girls loved playing in it.  I was just praying they didn't break it.
 It is controlled via remote and they found them!
Claire just chilled and let sissy do all the work!

We went to a beautiful park one day while there.  The girls had a great time!
 Gramma and Julianne walking and talking
 Papa and Claire
 walking out on the dock
 Hmmm.  I wonder where she gets that pose from?  Ha!
 Not sure what they are looking at
 Papa and the girls going to check out some birds
 We all went bowling (the girls first time) and had a blast!  
 This is how she waited for her ball to roll down the lane every time. 
 Claire liked it too although her attention span is a bit short these days!
 Dance party with cousin Luke!
 Claire's signature dance move (we call it the crazy girl)
 Julianne liked playing basketball.  Look at that form
 And the follow through
 I mean have you ever seen a girlier basket throw?  She kills me.
 Aunt Tiff and Uncle Chris have a big hill in their backyard.  Julianne loved to run up the hill and back down. I loved it because it tired her out!

 Claire decided to try it too!

 Watching cousin Zach play baseball

We did a family photo shoot while we were there.  Here are Shaun's parents with all of their grand kids!
 The whole family
 We wanted a picture of all six kids.  Mine were not having it.
 Pretty girl
Claire and Aunt Tami
 We had a great time!  Thanks for having us!

It was a long trip home with a 4 hour layover.  Ugh!  This is what Shaun did to pass the time while mommy entertained two toddlers.  He's so helpful!  LOL!

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