Friday, September 14, 2012

Potty training child #2

Julianne was hard to potty train.  Well, actually, she wasn't.  I just tried too early.  Four times.  Seriously.  Worst experience ever!  Then, the day she turned 3 we told her she was too big for diapers and that they don't make diapers for 3 year old's and she was like "oh, o.k. I go pee pee on the potty" and never ever wore diapers again.  If I would have only known that would work I could have saved myself a lot of headaches. 

Claire has been ready for a while.  Like since just after turning 2.  It was really my laziness and lack of wanting to go to every bathroom in town while we are out running errands and such that kept me from doing it.  But pretty soon, she gave me no choice.  She pretty much just said "I no wear diapers anymore" and started peeing on the potty.  She had a few accidents at first because she was busy playing and would go "uh oh!" and run for the bathroom.  But other than that, it was really easy.  She wants to do everything her big sister does so I think it's easier with the second.  She is so proud of herself. 

So that's it.  We are done with diapers.  Unless Shaun finally talks me into a third kid.  But I am kind of liking my diaper free home!

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