Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend in Branson

Shaun and I went away for the weekend to Branson, MO.  It's a fun little city (kind of cheesy but they have outlets)!  We went to celebrate my birthday and just to spend some time together.  It was really fun!  We acted like our teenage selves and went to Silver Dollar City, an amusement park.  We rode all the big coasters and had a blast!  All these years later and we still have the best time together!  It's so nice to get away every once in a while without the girls.  We are so blessed to have my parents here now to take the girls for us.  It allows us time together that we would never get otherwise.

Silver Dollar City!
 We went to a great restaurant at a resort there and this was the view from our outside table.  Gorgeous!
 The weather was amazing and it was a perfect evening!
 The girls had a blast with my parents while we were gone. 

They made a new friend at the park!
 And had fun playing together.
 It's a shame this kid has no personality whatsoever!  ;)

Thanks mom and dad for taking such great care of the girls while we had a weekend away! 

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