Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun on the farm!

The thing I love most about fall is taking the girls to a farm.  Pumpkins, horse rides, corn maze, and petting zoo, oh my!  The girls love it!  We went to a new one this year because the one we usually go to was closed on Sunday (of course I didn't realize that until we drove all the way there).  Oops!  My parents joined us and the girls had a great time!

Their absolute favorite part is the pony rides!  
 Sitting on a haystack.  Notice them holding hands.  Love!
 Claire is silly!
 And loud...
 Would you believe this is the most decent picture of the four of us I got?
 Kisses for mommy
 Julianne begged to ride the pony over and over.
 I'm thinking that buying a pony might be cheaper than continuing to pay for these rides.  $5 per kid per ride. 
  She can wave and ride at the same time
 I couldn't stop laughing when Shaun took Julianne on this cow trailer.  It was so small and his knees were sticking up so far.  The things we do for our kids!
 Julianne hated it too because it was so bumpy.  As soon as she got off she ran over to me and said "I did not like that!"
 Hi everyone!
 Petting goats 
 Claire was tired and cranky.  It was impossible to get a good picture of the four of us.
 She's mastered the pout!
 Have some corn
 walking through the corn maze
 My mom working it for the camera.
 getting hay to feed the goats
 Claire refusing to take a picture
 Julianne was comfortable though 
 Shaun and my mom
 I couldn't believe she did this.  She is so timid but fed that goat like a champ!
 And one more pony ride before we left.  Daddy is a pushover!  :)

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