Thursday, October 25, 2012

October happenings

We've had a busy month with school, dance, gymnastics, getting ready for Halloween, etc.  Here are some pictures from our adventures this month.  
Rockin' the sunglasses!

Fall fair at the club.  Bounce house!!!
Julianne has asked to get her face painted before and then always chickened out.  She did it this time!  First face painting ever.  She loves it now!
 She was quite proud of herself!

 I went running errands the other day and then took the girls to lunch.  Realized that Julianne had her pants on inside out.  That's what I get for letting her dress herself I guess.
 Being silly in the car!
 I have to entertain Claire while Julianne has gymnastics class every week.  It's not easy.
I usually give her food.  This day it was taffy.  It buys me time!
 My parents just moved into their new house.  Claire was helping me unpack.

 We hope you are having a great month!

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