Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aunt Randi's visit

My best friend Randi came to visit us for a long weekend!  The girls were so excited that she was coming!  They counted down for weeks!  Finally, the day had arrived......

The #1 thing Julianne loves about Aunt Randi is that she does awesome braids!  Mommy is still learning.  She always does these double french braids for Julianne which makes her hair "super wavy"!  She loves it!
 They enjoyed reading with her too (Julianne really looks like she is paying attention)
 There we go....
 They also like acting silly with her.  
And making silly faces!
 Our time was short but it's always fabulous!  The girls missed her so much when she left.  A few days later, Julianne was listing our family members names on a sheet of paper and she asked me how to spell Aunt Randi's name so she could add her to the list!  So sweet!

Thanks for coming to see us Randi!  We can't wait for your next visit!

1 comment:

Randi said...

Always love hanging with my girlies!!! I just wish it was more often!! Aunt Randi needs a good dance party!!