Friday, November 23, 2012

Family pictures

My brother and his family came to visit for Thanksgiving so we took the opportunity to take family photos with all of us.  He has two girls too (ages 7 and 4) and our girls love playing together.  They have a ball together and it makes for some loudness around the house!  They live in Charlotte now so they are a bit closer than they used to be.  We get to see them a few times a year and it's always fun!

My brother, my dad and Shaun
 Julianne (AKA Sassy pants)
 throwing leaves
 Bree, my youngest niece.  She is a fireball of energy!  Full of personality!  Love her!
 My older niece Brantlee.  She is as sweet as she looks in this picture.  
 Claire was not in the mood to take pictures.  It was freezing outside and she was not having it.  See?
 We tried to get her to smile.  Uh, it didn't work. 
 The only time she was content was when I was holding her.  
 All of us
 My parents with their four girls
 Claire was still not having it.
 Bree was looking at her like she was nuts!  (she is)
 I took Claire in to warm her up a bit and as soon as we came out she snapped some of the four girls.  Claire was happy for about a minute!
 She is even smiling!
 Still happy!
And now she is cold again....
 My brother and his family

 The four of us
 My beautiful nieces
 All of us
 My brother and I
 My brother and I with my parents
 Tonja, my mom and me
 The guys watching the girls take pictures
 All the ladies!
 Shaun and Shaun Jr.

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