Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving feast

Julianne had her Thanksgiving feast at school this week.  The kids made the noodles for the chicken noodle soup and also churned the butter for the rolls.  They made t-shirts and all had special names on their hats (Julianne's was budding flower...very appropriate I think).  The kids first put on a little program for us which I have on video but can't get to upload for some reason.  It was cute, take my word for it.

We then went to their classroom to have food and give thanks!  Julianne was having a great time!
 She "can't like" soup so she didn't eat much but she was proud that she helped make it!
 This is Julianne and her buddy Erin.  They are in school and dance class together.  I'm so sad they won't go to the same school next year.

I love this preschool that the girls go to.  The teachers are so great and Julianne has learned so much this year.  She is so ready for Kindergarten next year (although I'm not sure I am)!

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