Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope you had a happy holiday with your family.  We had a great day (any day where you stay in jammies all day is a great day)!  The girls woke up to quite a few goodies from Santa on Christmas morning!
 Julianne was excited!  Claire was in a bad mood when she woke up (as usual) and took a few minutes to wake up.  She's like me that way.
 Julianne loved her new hopscotch carpet!
 And her guitar!
 She even got excited for new panties!
 And she got the one thing she asked Santa for...a slinky!  Easy to please this kid!
 What's Christmas without a new whoopie cushion.  The girls played with those things for over an hour!
 And of course, new princess dresses!
 And new dance moves from Claire!
 Claire loves her new Fancy Nancy doll
 And Julianne loves her new sparkly silver shoes!
 The best part about Christmas day is that they are entertained all day playing with their new toys!
I wonder how long it will last?  :)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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