Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas: Round 1

Tonight, we let the girls open all of their presents from far away family and friends.  They got so many gifts in the mail and at this age, it's a bit overwhelming on Christmas morning, so we start a bit early and let them open a few at a time.  They got to open presents from gramma and papa, and all of their aunts and uncles.  We had a blast watching them open their first gifts of the season.  They are so excited for Christmas this year!
Getting started
They got excited!
 Claire holding up her new pants (I just love those little hands)!
 so happy! 
 The facial expressions are just priceless!
 New Merida doll and the movie to go along with it!  Thanks Aunt Randi and Uncle James!
 So excited for Claire's present too!
 Shoes from Aunt Tiff and Uncle Chris.  
 The girls love shoes as much as I do!
 Someone is learning how to tell time.  This will help!
 Best. photo. EVER.
 She was so excited to get this talking clock from gramma and papa
 And Claire loves her new barbie that came with a horse!
 What they seem to love most is each other and that makes my heart so happy! 

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