Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dance class - year 2

Every few months, Julianne's dance teacher has observation day where the parents can actually go inside the classroom to watch the girls in class.  We usually watch through a window.  It can be distracting for the girls but it's fun to be able to sit and watch them!  Julianne is in her second year of dance.  She is doing ballet and tap.  This year, they are doing some bar work which is so cute to watch!  She is doing gymnastics and dance this year so I told her she needs to decide which is her favorite so she can do just one.  She is having a hard time making up her mind.  We tried soccer and that didn't work out so well because she would do leaps on the soccer field and pretty much danced down the field instead of trying to kick the ball.  She also laid down when she got tired.  Ha!  I was not athletic growing up either and the only thing I enjoyed was dance.  I think these days sometimes we get our kids too committed to activities so I would really like to find one or two things the girls really love and focus on that.  Since she will be in school full time next fall, we will have to probably pick just one (maybe 2).  

Here are some pictures from her dance class this morning:

 I have no idea where she gets this flexibility.  I took dance for several years and could never do that!

Here's to hoping she finds something she loves and is passionate about.  If it's dance, great.  If not, I can't wait to see what it is!  Dance on Jules!

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