Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

I finally did it!  I broke down and got out the Elf on the Shelf book that I bought when Julianne was born.  I decided not to do it last year just because I didn't think Claire would quite get it.  This year, it was a HIT!  I was a bit late and didn't start until mid-December so we only enjoyed her for a couple of weeks but the girls loved it!  Our elf is a girl (of course)...did you know you can buy accessories for your elf.  Whoever thought of this is a genius.  I promise you this isn't one of the elf on the shelf post's where you'll be all...oh my gosh, who has time for that?  Have you seen some of the things people do?  Goodness gracious, I have no idea how they have that much time.  I enjoy sleep too much to get that creative.  The girls thought it was fun anyway even though all the things I did would be considered "easy".  I didn't take a picture every night but here are some of our elf's shenanigans.

We presented the girls with the elf and let them name her.  I introduce to you:  Izzy.

She liked to hang from things
 She turned the milk green!
 She went for a ride all day (this was by far the girls favorite!)
 She took naps on chandelier's 
 She hid in the fireplace 
And when it was time to say goodbye, she spelled it out in cheerios.  
The girls cried when she wasn't here anymore.  They are already talking about when she will come back next year.  This was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we did it.  Goodbye Izzy, until next year!

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