Friday, December 14, 2012

Julianne's preschool Christmas program

Julianne's preschool had their Christmas program today.  So cute!  I love that she is learning the true meaning of Christmas and learning so much about Jesus!  She was an angel in this year's play.

The set
 She is the third one from the right
 Can you tell she saw me pointing the camera at her.  She turned so she could pose!
 Love that smile
 She had so much fun.  I swear this kid was born to be on stage.  She loves an audience which is so funny because she is so shy.  I was the exact same way.  I loved being in plays and musicals at church and I sang solos all the time.  She comes out of her shell up there and I love that!
 Julianne and her buddy Erin
 Me and my girl
 The three of us
 Daddy's girl
Here is the video of the play if you want to watch it.  So sweet:

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