Sunday, December 2, 2012

SEC Championship game 2012

A few months ago I told you about a present I got for Shaun at the Heart Ball in May.  You can read about it here:  I bought him a package to go to the SEC Championship game!  Let's face it people, the SEC is the best conference in college ball and the SEC Championship may as well be the National Championship!  I knew it would be a great game no matter who played.  I gave Shaun the news that we were going on Father's Day.  He works so hard and I knew he would love it!  I love football too (like really love it) so I'll admit, it was for me too!  We waited all season to see who we would be watching in this game.  Finally, we learned it would be Georgia vs. Alabama.  It's too bad Arkansas wasn't in it this year but I don't even want to talk about their year!  

We left on Friday morning and started our trip off right...
 Shaun was asleep before take-off.  Poor tired guy.  He works waaaay too much!
We arrived to register for the festivities!
 We got to go to all the Dr. Pepper pre-game events which was soooo fun!  They had a party on Friday night that spanned three restaurants, all you can eat food and drink, and meeting people from all over!
 I borrowed some gear from our friend Mike who is a HUGE Georgia fan.  I always root for the team that I feel is the underdog.  I thought Georgia actually had a really good shot to beat Alabama (and I love it when Alabama loses - sorry Amy!)
 Ready to party!
Here we are on the Dawgs side at the pre-game party
 The Dr. Pepper pre-game party was amazing!  All kinds of food, open bar, music and performances...
 The Georgia Marching Band and cheerleaders stopped by the party to perform.  Awesome! 
 We stopped to rest and relax a little on our walk to the game
 At the game!!!

Game time! 
 Georgia band
The game was amazing!  Georgia started off slow but almost came back to win it at the end.  It was a nail-biter and we had so much fun cheering and yelling!

We left Sunday morning and said goodbye to a wonderful weekend.  We had the best time! 
 And he's asleep you see a pattern?  He is soooo boring to fly with!  :)

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