Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hawaii - the last part!

The trip wasn't all rest and relaxation.  We did some adventurous things too.  We went with my parents on a zip line tour.   Have you been zip lining?  If you haven't, go!  It is so fun!  It is not for the faint of heart because some of them are really high up but oh my goodness it's amazing!  

Shaun and I spent a day outdoors going on a hike and sight seeing.  We saw this beautiful waterfall on the way to our hiking destination.
 We did a three mile hike up and back on a beautiful trail that my friend recommended.  It was a bit muddy because of the rain but we had a great time and got some exercise!  The hike was worth the view!
 We used walking sticks like old people!  Ha!
 And saw things like this the whole way up.
 And this at the top of the trail

 After our day of hiking, we met my parents for happy hour at a local restaurant that our zip line tour guide raved about.  We had a yummy appetizer!
 We took my parents out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary.  This was the view from our table.  And the food, delicious!  There is some seriously good food in Hawaii.
 Our final night in Hawaii was spent with my parents and our friends at a restaurant right on the ocean.  We were able to see the sunset!

 And our last picture taken on the island.  We left the next day for our long journey home.  

It was a fantastic trip!  We had so much fun but were so happy to get home to our girls.  They both got the flu when we were gone.  My aunt deserves a medal.  

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