Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaii - Part 2

After our drama of finding a new place to stay, we started our vacation.  First thing on the list was to sleep in!  Ah, sleeping in.  I miss that!  Doesn't happen often with two little girls who are full of energy at 7:00am.  I love sleep so much more than I used too.  I wish I would have slept more when I had the chance.  So on vacation, I like to sleep.  We woke up and went down to the lobby area of our hotel to look around and have breakfast.  The lobby area of this hotel is so cool.  It's outdoor/indoor so the courtyard is completely open.  Beautiful!  They have these beautiful birds out on display for a few hours a day.  I was like "wow, are they trained to just stay there?"  Uh, they were chained to the branches.  Duh!  They were beautiful and we took some pictures with them (mostly for my friend Jackie who is a bird fanatic)!  

 View out to the ocean from the lobby
 Shaun and I
 my parents
 After breakfast, we went for a drive up to Waimea Canyon.  We stopped at a spouting hole (I think that's what they call it) on the way.  The tide wasn't terribly high at that time of day but it did blow a little bit.

 Love this guy!
And this guy!  Still a daddy's girl!
  Shaun tried to get up close and personal with a rooster but the rooster wanted no part of it.  Did you know that there are millions of roosters on Kauai just roaming around.  It's weird.
 My mom makes me laugh.

Waimea Canyon - gorgeous!! 
 Can you see the tiny white spec on the picture below.  It's a helicopter.  The helicopter tours on the island fly right into the canyon.  No thanks.  I preferred my view on the ground.

 This was the view driving back down from the canyon.  It's just a beautiful island.
 And what better way to end the day but happy hour on this patio at our resort.  Heaven!

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