Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter happenings

We went to my grandma's rest home today for their annual Easter egg hunt.  The girls loved it!  They got to see the Easter bunny (and Claire finally doesn't scream when she sees him - yay!).  The residents at my grandma's home just love seeing all the little ones.  We go see my grandma about once a week and she loves it and so do all the people who live there!  The girls love it too!
Claire was really serious about her egg hunting this year!
 My heart is melting!
 Look at all those eggs!  She cleaned house!
 This is the first picture ever I have of Claire smiling with the Easter bunny!  She used to be terrified of him.  Or anything in a costume.  Thank goodness she is over that.  Maybe now we can go to Disney.

We went over to my parents on Easter Sunday to eat and the girls hunted eggs.  Shaun had to work but he made it just in time.  The girls had already put on their choice of outfit which for Claire was a princess dress and heels and for Julianne was my mom's tshirt and heels.  What?  That's not what you wear on Easter?  
 They love each other so much!  Swoon.
 I was a bit embarrassed at what they were wearing but who am I to judge?
 I wear yoga pants almost everyday and don't do yoga so I guess they can wear whatever they want.  Ha!

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