Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Julianne!

Five years ago today, we heard you cry for the first time.  You came into our lives and changed them forever.  As I think back on that day it feels like you've been here forever, but it also feels like yesterday.  It's so hard to remember life without you.  Maybe I just don't want to.  There is so much joy now.  Because of you.  You are the most awesome kid.  You have an amazing heart.  You are kind, sweet, happy, and loving.  You are incredible funny and witty.  You are polite, nice to everyone, and very sensitive.  You are an expert negotiator (sometimes I wonder if you will be a lawyer).  You love to sing and dance.  You love animals.  You love to draw and practice writing your letters.  You love learning and can't wait to start Kindergarten in the fall.  You are obsessed with numbers, dates, and time.  You've been counting down the days until you turn 5.

You are like your daddy in so many ways.  You remind me of him in so many little things you do throughout the day.  The two of you have a special bond and you get so excited when he comes through the door at the end of the day.  You already know how to work him over and pretty much get anything you want.  But it's genuine.  You really are just that sweet.

You love your sister fiercely.  You are so nice to her and will usually cave in and do what she wants, even if you want to do something else.  The two of you get along so well and hate spending time apart.  Each day when I drop you off at school, you hug and kiss each other goodbye.  I love seeing the two of you together and can't wait to watch your friendship grow.  You love teaching her things that you learn and saying things like "you'll see what I'm talking about when you are a big girl like me".  You take care of her and also like to tell her what to do.

You and I have a special bond also.  We love to have dance parties.  You can memorize a song after hearing it 2 or 3 times.  I totally take credit for that because I am the exact same way.  We both love music and singing.  We sing so loud in the car and I'm so thrilled to have a partner instead of singing solo.  You love to repeat things I say which is probably why your favorite word right now is "seriously?"  You love to try on my shoes, watch me put make-up on, and always tell me how pretty I look.  You tell me you love me about 100 times a day.  It never gets old.

You are one of the most girly, prissy, feminine little things around.  You would rather wear a dress than anything else.  Your favorite color is pink. You hate getting dirty.  You hate bugs, dirt, loud noises, worms, and snakes.  We tried putting you in soccer but you did dance leaps down the field and then laid down at the goal post because you needed to "rest".  You love dance and gymnastics and running through sprinklers.  You love doing leaps, somersaults, and you are currently trying to master your cartwheel.  You are highly dramatic and sometimes little things are really BIG deals.  A few weeks ago, you got in trouble for whining so daddy took some of your things away.  Your response was "oh dear, now I don't have anything".  Sometimes it feels like we are living in a Disney princess movie.  It's endearing.  And funny.  You don't walk, you prance.  Every time I point a camera at you, you pose.

You are growing in your love of God and that makes me so happy.  You are starting to ask so many questions about God, Jesus and the Bible.  You love going to AWANA and you have memorized so many bible verses.  Most of your favorite songs are Christian songs.  Your favorite is Mandisa.  You have about 10 of her songs memorized.  You love to pray before dinner and when you go to bed at night.

I'm so incredibly proud of you.  My heart feels like it will explode from all the love I have for you in there.  I always feel like I am bragging when I talk about you but I just can't help it.  You are awesome.  Everyone who meets you and spends any time with you just falls in love with you.  The librarian at your school told me the other day that you are one of the sweetest students she has ever had.  I never get tired of hearing people tell me how sweet you are.

Happy 5th birthday sweetheart.  We love you so much!  Thank you for blessing us everyday.  I am so thankful for every day I get to spend with you.  I am so grateful to God for choosing me to be your mommy.  It is the greatest honor and privilege of my life.

Or view the video here:
Julianne's 5th birthday slideshow

All my love Jules,

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