Monday, March 11, 2013

Julianne visits the eye doctor

Julianne had a vision screening at school and they handed me a form saying "refer to physician".  My heart started to race a little.  Now believe me, I know that if all my child needs is glasses I would be blessed beyond measure.  However, that doesn't stop my mommy brain from immediately going oh no...glasses?  After I calmed down a bit I thought better of it.  I knew that the problem was probably her shyness and she probably didn't talk during the appointment so they probably couldn't even make an assessment.  Just to be safe, I called the eye Dr. and paid the over $200 bill to have her checked out (we don't have vision insurance on the girls).  And her vision was perfect.  Relief.  I wear glasses and have since I was 19 and realized that I couldn't see the chalkboard in my huge college lecture hall.  So she may be bound for glasses one day, but not now.  She was so worried that she would need to wear them and that they would "hurt".  She was a champ at the Dr. with them shining things in her eye and saying her letters.  She could see letters I couldn't even see with my contacts in.  She also thought the chair was pretty cool.  

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