Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julianne's Birthday Party!

Someone begged for a bowling party this year.  We took her bowling for the first time about a year ago and she loves it!  She's been talking about having a bowling party for about 6 months.  These kind of places with video games, bowling lanes, and a thousand screaming kids are not my scene.  I loathe them.  But what our baby wants, our baby gets.  So off to Fast Lane we went to celebrate this big 5 year old!  

Daddy's girl.  I can't believe how much she is like him.  And how much she looks like him.  They adore each other.
 I love how girls are all chatty even at a young age.  Erin was telling them something good!
 Birthday girl
 Julianne with Justin and Kaitlyn.  Adore those kiddos!  Justin was the only boy at the party, such a good sport!
 Walking to go play laser tag!
 Time to bowl
 I wish you could see Julianne better in this pic.  She was so happy with her throw.  The ball hadn't even reached the pins yet and she was celebrating!
 Time for cupcakes
 Blowing out her candle!
 Love that look!
 She almost took out the scoreboard.  That's how high she threw it.  
Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate our girl!  She had so much fun!

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