Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Julianne's birthday

We celebrated Julianne's birthday at home with a little cake and presents.  I'm not sure which one she liked more.  The girl loves cake!  
Daddy wanted to do a reveal so he put a towel over it.  
So excited to be 5!

 She did a great job blowing out the candles this year.  After we ate cake, it was time for presents!
Claire had to help of course.
 Words cannot express how much I love this photo.  She was flipping her hair.  She's always flipping her hair.  Or prancing.  Or dancing.  Or walking with her hands and fingertips out.  She is so girly. I love it.
 Claire got a few things too.  My grandma used to give me a present on my brother's birthday and vice versa.  I never understood.  I do now.  
 Birthday barbie!!!  
 She has been wanting one of these light up ladybugs for so long.  She was so excited!

She celebrated with her friends at school with donuts.  She also got to wear her birthday hat all day.  You can't read it in the photo but it has a place for her name and hers says Sassy (AKA Julianne).  I have no idea why her teacher calls her that!

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