Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dance pictures

In preparation for dance photos this year, we needed curly hair.  I busted out the sponge rollers.  I didn't think she would wear them overnight.  But she did.  They both did.  Claire doesn't do anything her sissy doesn't do.  
First sponge rollers!  I can't stand the cuteness!
 And here is what we had the next morning!  Beautiful curls!  She was so happy!
 I wish my hair had that kind of volume!
 I must note that I've wanted to cut her hair for months now but she won't let me because she wants "Rapunzel hair".  Oh, joy!
 Quite a few of Claire's rollers came out but she still had a little bit of curl.
 She was pretty excited!
 So beautiful!

So we were the first ones at dance that day and the photographer captured Jules first.  She was all smiles.
And then.....then the meltdown came.  Claire started crying because she wanted to be in the picture and then Jules started crying because Claire was crying.  And wouldn't stop.  Lord help me!
See my kid that ruined the group ballet picture?
I seriously had a dance mom moment and lost it.  I was trying to deal with Claire crying and trying to comfort Julianne.  Then, I just got mad.  Why are you crying?  Stop crying!!!!  Ugh!  

She pulled it together for the tap pictures.

 And we had a group picture where no one was crying!  Hallelujah!

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