Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dance recital 2013!

Today was the big day!  She was so excited!  The day she's practiced for for the last 9 months.  And, she gets to wear make-up!  That was the part she was most excited about!  We did the sponge rollers last night. She has become a pro at sleeping in those.  It is the best way to get curls!  Especially when you have stick straight hair.  
Putting lipstick on!
 It's hard to get her to stop talking long enough to get the lipstick on.
 A little blush and even a little mascara and she was set!  

 So pretty!
 Love my girl!
 Her pose
 Can you tell she is a daddy's girl?
 Love these 6 little beauties!  They did such a great job this year!

 Got her flowers after the show.  She kept asking me "am I going to get flowers like last year?"  It's a steel trap that mind of hers.  That's what she remembered most about last year...that she got flowers! 
 Proud mommy and daddy 
 Mimi and papa were quite proud also!
 Her flowers/balloon were bigger than she is!

 We're so proud of you Jules!  You did an awesome job this year!  We can't wait for next year's recital!

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