Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recital rehearsal

Julianne's dance recital is tomorrow, so she had rehearsal today.  She is in two dances this year.  A tap and a ballet.  She likes the ballet better.  Not so into the tap this year.  I just love watching my little shy girl dance on stage.  She just loves to dance and sing.  Takes me back to my dance days.  But don't worry, I'm not a "dance mom".  All of the mom's of the girls in Julianne's class are great.  We are all pretty chill.  Some moms I saw at rehearsal....not so much.  
Tap rehearsal, Jules is far right

 watching the big girls dance 
 girl talk

 Julianne's friend has a baby sister.  Julianne loves her.  She told me "I need a baby sister!"  Um, no.
 My tiny dancer.
 I adore this picture.  Little dancers watching big dancers!

 Olive Garden after to reward her for being so good.  It was a long rehearsal.  

Tomorrow is the big day!!

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