Monday, May 20, 2013

Riding out the storm

Today has been extremely emotional.  Watching the events in Moore, Oklahoma unfold so close to home has been horrible.  Seeing those two elementary schools leveled made my heart ache.  The storm was headed our way and so we went to my parents house because they have a basement and a safe room.  We will have both of those in our new house, but in our rental, we have nothing but a closet under the stairs.  Thankfully, this is our last tornado season in our rental house.  The girls and I rushed out to my parents and Shaun followed a few hours later when he was done working.  I was not to happy about him staying at the hospital but people still have heart attacks during a tornado.  Thankfully, he got home before the worst of it and we actually had some fun hanging out in the basement.  The girls were literally riding out the storm!  

We hope that you and yours are safe tonight.  We are so thankful that we are safe.  We are praying for Oklahoma and all the people who lost loved ones today.

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