Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tulsa Aquarium

Shaun had a rare day off today so we decided to take the girls on a little road trip to Tulsa.  It's only an hour and a half from us and we heard that the aquarium there was really fun so we went.  It is a great aquarium!  Especially for being in a smaller city.  The girls LOVED it!  They were heaven the whole time we were there and did not want to leave.  Before you look at the pictures, let me just say that we are growing out bangs so forgive me for my girls looking so sloppy in the hair department.  It's painful for me but I know it will be better when they don't have bangs.  I try pinning it back, headbands, bows, etc. but they always seem to fall out or get pulled out.  Anyway, back to the aquarium.
happy girls
 so excited
 sting rays
 daddy and girls
 This is an eel.  He was soooo long.  He was hiding in this long tube and still hanging out of it.  Yuck!
 Everything is a party with Claire
 The girls were able to go through a little tunnel and go into the middle of the fish tank.  It was really cool.  I didn't think we would ever get them out of there and they asked to go back about 509 times.
 sissy love
 daddy showing them something
 Looking at fish is exhausting
 "Take my picture with the fish!"
 Julianne doing her best price is right move showing us the fish
 Posing with the shark.  Julianne takes posing to the extreme.
 I told her to kiss the shark.  She wouldn't actually touch it but pretended to.
 looking at sting rays
 shark tank
 It's one of those tanks where they swim over you.  I was having horrible Jaws 3 flashbacks. 
 Claire touched a starfish!  Julianne wouldn't do it.  Of course.
 Apparently turtles like to ride piggyback
We had a great day!  We found a great Mexican restaurant in Tulsa too.  Good Mexican food is hard to come by in these parts.  People here think Abuelo's is good Mexican.  It is not.  I'm a California girl so I know what good Mexican food is.  Abuelo's is not it.  But Los Cabos in Tulsa was a strong contender!

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