Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fireworks at the Cross

 A local church here has a fireworks show every year.  It's a beautiful church.  It's a local landmark.  There are three beautiful crosses that stand outside the church and you can see them from a distance.  It's just gorgeous!  We decided to go this year and we had a great time!  They have it every year on the Sunday before the fourth of July.  We went early to get a good spot and let the girls run around like crazy.  It was only 75 degrees today (on the last day of June in Arkansas people....woot!).  It was just beautiful out and it was a glorious day!


 running from daddy
 My babies
 Daddy and his girls
We ran into Julianne's friend Ava while there so she hung out with us for a while and the girls played. They had a blast.  Julianne cried when she had to leave.

 Claire bear
 Playing down by the creek
 Throwing rocks
 Sweet girls
 Ready for the show
 Silly faces!
 Mad faces!
 This is what they did when the fireworks started.  No biggie.  We only waited 4 hours for it to start.
 Beautiful (you can see the crosses to the right of the fireworks)
 Julianne took her hands off her ears in about a minute.  Claire watched the duration of the show like this:
 I just love these crazy girls!  They were delirious at this point.  It was almost 10 pm and no nap!
And the girls and I are leaving on a trip tomorrow.  Good plan mommy, good plan.  Should be an interesting flight!

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