Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saying goodbye to soon

Well, you never want to have to travel for a funeral, but unfortunately, that's what we had to do this weekend.  Shaun's cousin passed away and we flew to California for the service.  The only upside is seeing all of our wonderful family.  Shaun and I left Thursday evening a flew to San Diego.  

Please tell me we aren't the only people who take pictures (and videos) of ourselves to say goodbye to our children (you know in case the plane goes down in a blaze of glory).  We always do this and send them to my mom to show the girls before we leave.  Stupid, yes, but it makes us feel better.  I hate traveling together for this reason.  I've heard of couples that take separate flights in case something happens.  That sounds extreme but also very smart.  I'm torn on the issue.  Anyway......

 This is me with most of the women in Shaun's family.  Cousins, aunts, nieces.  It was so great to see everyone!

And the girls?  Well, they were just all broken up about us being gone.  Yeah right.  They spent the weekend with their mimi and papa being spoiled beyond belief.

 First night...I'm pretty sure ice cream was involved.
 These girls love their papa.  Like LOVE.  I can't even express it in words.  They are in love.  He is the best papa ever!
 Movie night.  Popcorn and electronic leather recliners.  Tough life.
 Lunch at a delicious Mennonite restaurant out in the boonies a little bit from where we live.  It is AMAZING.  Especially the desserts.
 All dolled up!

We had a good time seeing Shaun's family and a hard time saying goodbye to Danny too soon.  Rest in peace Danny.  We love you!

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