Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sometimes my kids hate me

I took the girls to our local library today for a live story time performance.  The guy who created this was doing a little show so I thought why not?  I'm super awesome.  The girls were happy at first.  They sat down and waited patiently (if you're not sensing my sarcasm, I am laying it on thick.  They waited while saying "when is it going to start?", "how long are we staying here?", "what is this show?", etc.)  Why do I do these things with them.  No credit I tell ya.

At least they smile for pictures.
Then, about half way through the show, Claire wanted to sit on my lap.  So, I let her.  She squirmed, kicked me, kept moving, and pinched me about 5 times.  So, I told her she had to sit on her own chair.  She proceeded to walk all the way to the end of the row we were sitting in and look at me like this:
So, like the title says...sometimes my kids hate me.  But I keep taking them to story time, and chick-fil-a, and the water park, and Chuck E. Cheese, and the park......because I love them.  Even when they don't love me. Claire is an expert dirty look giver.  It kind of makes me proud.  Is that wrong?

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