Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There should be crying in swimming!

The girls started swim lessons today.  This will be Julianne's 3rd summer taking lessons.  And she still doesn't know how to swim.  The first year was really just to get her used to getting in the water.  Last year, I wanted the teacher to be a bit tougher than she was.  That's what it takes with Jules.  Instead, on the first day of class, she said "you don't have to do anything you don't want to do sweet girl."  What?  What am I paying you for lady?  I'm paying you to throw my kid in the pool and see what happens.  I don't want to be the bad guy.  I'm paying you to be the bad guy.  So, last year = fail.  

This year, I've put them both in and they will take lessons together two days a week for a month.  Claire was pretty excited about it and surprisingly so was Julianne.  

I took this photo right before the lesson started.  I was hopeful.  We walked over to the pool and the teacher asked me about their experience.  I told her that they both hated getting their heads wet and that last year Julianne refused to go under water.  She then said "well, they're gonna!"  Now we're talking.  My kind of swim teacher.  I'm not into the sweet treat 'em with kid gloves kind of approach.  Kids need to learn how to swim.  Especially kids who will have a pool in their backyard at our new house.  My swim teacher made me miserable when I was little.  That's their job.

So, she doesn't let the parents watch.  We have to go to the parent waiting area around the corner where the kids can't see us.  I went and took a seat and about 30 seconds later I heard Claire screaming/crying at the top of her lungs.  It sounds mean but part of me was glad.  This affirmed that she had dunked her right off because I knew that's the only reason she would cry.  She cried for the whole lesson.  Every time she dunked her.  Every. Single. Time.  She'll get used to it right?  The good news is that Julianne cried the first time she got dunked and then nothing after that.  She had a blast and is dying to go back.  Claire on the other hand said "I don't want to come to swim lessons anymore....I no like it!"  Hey, it's working!!!  If I learned anything as a kid, it is that there is crying in swim lessons.  That's how you learn!

Please sweet Lord let this be the year that Julianne learns to swim!  And let us get through lessons without Claire continuing to cry.

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