Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hilton Head - More fun!

Woke up this morning and took the girls down to the beach.  I forgot my camera (stink) so I just got a few from my cell phone.  I love watching the girls playing in the water.  Exploring new things.  Branching out.  Make my heart happy.
Brantlee showing the girls that it's cool to get dirty!
 Going little tip toe at a time
We got ready and went to lunch at the Salty Dog Cafe, a local hot spot.  Very famous.  It's right on the water and the food was pretty decent.  The girls had a blast while we were waiting for our lunch.  Being silly.  Doing what little girls do.
Staring contests...
 crazy eye staring contests
 posing like the cuties they are
 Claire telling Bree to shhhhh!  These two are so much alike.  I just love them.  Together, they are a little bit of trouble.  
 Claire loves Bree....can you tell?  One of my favorite pictures ever.
After lunch and a bit of shopping we went back to our resort to have some pool time.  My nieces are two little fish.  My girls are just learning to swim.  This is the first year Julianne wants to go under water.  What a difference between this year and last year.  Night and day.  They both actually want to be in the water now. I'm trying to find a place here that gives year round swim lessons so I can keep the momentum going.  

Brantlee was a big help with Jules, taking her out into the deeper water.  
 Could she be any more adorable?  
 The resort had a beach entry pool which was perfect for my girls!
 Doing some tricks in the pool
 Love this girl!
 Claire doing her "frog move"
 Julianne's favorite thing to do in the pool is throw rings and go get them.
 Not in deep water but I'll take it.  A year ago, she screamed every time she went under water.
 Go girl!
 Claire always says "momma watch this!"  She then takes a big breath holds it and doesn't go under water.  She thinks she does, but she doesn't.  
 Then she is really proud of herself!
 Brantlee got a new board while we were there
 Girls posing for a picture
 I just love how they love each other.  They have a blast!
 I told them to do their silly faces.
 Apparently, Julianne thought that included sticking her behind in her cousin's face
 And doing her dance kick
 These are their "mean faces".  Too bad you can't see Claire's because of her bangs.  We are growing them out and I swear, it's worse than growing out my own!
More fun to follow....

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