Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our last night in Hilton Head

Our second and last night in Hilton Head was spent at a restaurant called the Skull Creek Boathouse.  This restaurant has a two and a half hour wait (at least it did on the night we were there).  They don't take reservations but thankfully, they do for people staying at the resort we were staying at so we only had to wait 15 minutes.  They have a ton of stuff for the kids to do while you wait so that's nice.  A craft table, sidewalk chalk, etc.  I think my girls were upset we didn't have to wait longer.   
 Claire is serious about her mac and cheese.  The kid could live on mac and cheese.  Actually, I think she does.
 Silly girls!
 Silly Bree and Aunt Tonja!
 Claire always ends up standing up at the table when we're out to eat.  And usually dances.
 The four girls.  You don't know how happy this picture makes me!  
The next morning we got up for fruit loops and yogurt and then we were off for our drive back to Charlotte to celebrate the 4th!  
Thanks Hilton Head, we had a blast!

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