Sunday, October 27, 2013

20 year reunion!

Shaun and I just got back from our trip to California for our 20 year high school reunion!  We had this trip planned long before the big C diagnosis and I had been praying that I would be able to go.  We were scheduled to leave on day 8 of my chemo cycle which is usually when my counts are the lowest.  When your white counts are low, you really shouldn't fly.  Shaun didn't want me to.  My oncologist on the other hand said it was fine.  We waited to see what my counts were.  They are usually around .1 when I get tested on day 7.  The highest they had been up until this round was .8  Imagine my surprise when I got my lab report the day before we were set to leave and my white count was 3.8.  Really?  Yippee!  Now, that's not a great white count by any means but when you are smack dab in the middle of a round of chemo, it's pretty darn good.  So, off to California we went.  

We had a long day of traveling.  We drove from here to Tulsa, left on a flight mid afternoon, flew to LA via a stop in Phoenix, and then drove to Bakersfield from LAX.  We pulled into Bakersfield at around 1am (which was 3am to us).  Can you say tired?  We slept in a little the next day and then went on a little jaunt around our hometown.  

First stop:  Foster's Donuts.  Hands down, the best donuts in the world.  Like seriously people.  The. Best. Donuts. Ever.  
This is what I always get.  A chocolate covered glaze and a white cake donut with sprinkles.  Yum.  I'm pretty sure I devoured them in about 2 minutes flat.  We went back the next day too!
We drove around town and took some pictures of places we used to go.  This is Dewar's.  It's a local (famous) ice cream/candy shop.  I used to eat lunch at this one in high school.  Yep, I used to eat ice cream for lunch.  Don't judge.  It was right across the street from our high school.
This is my Junior High.  Lots of sweet memories there.  It looked so tiny.
Shaun's elementary school
Shaun's house he grew up in
The railroad tracks by our high school.  We laughed when we saw the JB Hunt trailer on the train tracks since JB Hunt is headquartered where we currently live.  I think that's what you call a full circle moment.
Our high school.  The place we met.  The sign donated by our graduating class.  Ah, the memories.
Shaun and I on the football field.  So many Friday nights spent here.  Shaun playing football, me watching Shaun play football.  
Harvey Auditorium.  The location of the dance concert I was in the night Shaun asked me to go steady with him.  He couldn't resist that poodle skirt dance I did to "Rockin Robin".  Ha!
The "quad" area.
Shaun on the football field
I asked him to do a football pose.  You know, like get down like he was going to run someone over.  He wouldn't do it.  Party pooper.

So I did it instead.  See, not a party pooper.
And a regular pose too!
Shaun standing outside Griffith field.  This is where I would stand after the games to wait for him to come out of the locker room and then we'd head to the hut (Pizza hut) for after game shenanigans.
We met up with two of my favorites at Starbucks for some coffee (or tea in my case) and conversation.  I love me some Lorie and Davi!
Then, it was time to get ready for our reunion.  20 years.  How is that possible?  We still have some great friends from high school so we met for a little pre-party before the reunion.

Terri and Shaun
Me and Walter
Me, Stacie and Karen (who is due with a baby boy in January)
Me with Terri
Me with my cocktail!  
Me with Jill.  Jill and her husband are the other happily married couple from our class.  So fun!
Karen and I.  Can you tell my feet hurt?  I had ballet slippers on by this point in the evening.
Me with my friend Jenny
Me with the guys.  Shaun and two of his best buds, Walter and Andrew
Almost everyone who was there.  
Me with Jen
Me with Laurie (I just love her...seriously, one of the funniest people I know)
Brea and I.  She looks exactly the same as she did in high school. 
Me, Anne, Julie and Jennifer
Me with Mia.  She lives in Sweden.  So fun to see her!
Me with Kristi.  We had fun at the post-party!
Me and my love
Me with Kimmarie and Laurie
Hilarious recreation we did.  Top is senior formal.  Bottom is 20 year reunion.  Ha!
We had such a fun night catching up with all of our friends!

The next day, we headed down south to Murietta to see my college roommate and her husband.  On the way, we stopped in LA to see Shaun's fraternity buddy from college, Tim and his wife Tanya.  They are such sweet friends!  We had the most delicious burgers at a place called Rounds Burgers.  Yum!

Their son Trent was nice enough to take our picture for us
We got to Tricia and Eric's later that day and went out for a nice dinner and then to a comedy club.  It was really fun!

The next morning I got to meet my online friend in real life!  She happens to live in Murietta also so we met for coffee the next morning.  I got to meet her husband and one of her darling daughters too.  So fun!  Our husbands got along so well and could have talked all day about man stuff.  Love you Molly!
This is me and my beautiful friend Tricia.  She just had her own cancer battle.  She has been battling lymphoma for 2 years.  She had a stem cell transplant a few months ago and just got the news the day we got there that she is in remission.  Hallelujah and praise the Lord!  She is such an inspiration to me!
We also got to meet up for lunch with my friend Lacey (who also lives in Murietta). So weird that I now have 3 friends who live in Murietta.  Lacey and I met working at Deloitte and Touche in Chicago and have been friends ever since.  I just adore her!
The next morning, Shaun and I headed off to Vegas.  We won tickets at an auction to go to the PBR finals in Vegas and it just happened to be at the same time as this trip we already had planned so off to Vegas we went!  

The best part about Vegas?  My best friend's parents live there so we got to see them.  Nothing better than a brunch with Jim and Sue!  Love them!
We went out for a fancy dinner at Capital Grill and then to La Reve at The Wynn.  Such a great show!
The next two nights, we went to the PBR finals.  Front row seats and this was our view:
Not to shabby if I do say so myself.  These guys are nuts getting on those bulls.  It is crazy.  I am not a huge fan of bull riding on TV, but watching it in person is just so awesome!  We had a great time!
The best part of the whole trip was spending the week with this guy.  So nice to get away from everything and just have fun for a week!

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