Tuesday, October 29, 2013

School Carnival

We took the girls to their school carnival tonight.  They got to wear their costumes and were so excited.  May I present to you, the chicken and the egg:
I am seriously in love with these costumes.  I ordered Claire's and my mom made Julianne's.  I love to do coordinating costumes and I am dreading the day when they don't want to do it anymore (I think next year may be it).  The carnival was fun with games, treats, and prizes!

Claire got her face painted
Julianne with her BFF at school, Lilli
Bean bag toss
Get it girl!
Egg walk
Am I the only one who thinks that Julianne doing the egg walk dressed as an egg is just funny?
Sometimes you need a little help reaching the drinking fountain
She wears her sunglasses at night.  She's cool like that!

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