Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good....

Chemo weekends are hard.  My parents take the girls on the day of my treatment and have them the whole weekend.  I usually pick them up from school on the following Tuesday.  Not seeing the girls for 5 days is the worst part of this whole process.  I do think it is better for them to not see me in my chemo pain/laying in bed/looking horrible state that I'm in for those days.  But it's painful not to see them.  The best part?  Picking them up when I haven't seen them in days.  It is my most favorite thing right now.  They are so excited to see me and I just love it!  I picked Claire up today and while we waited for sissy in car line, we took some pictures to try and capture how happy we both were!

They remind every time I see them why I am fighting so hard.  Moments like these!  I want a lifetime of them!

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