Saturday, December 21, 2013

All aboard the Santa train!!!

I got tickets to take a train ride today.  The girls had never been on a train before so I thought they would enjoy it.  Santa made an appearance and we got to eat lunch on the train.  The ride ended up being a little longer than I had anticipated due to errors on their website but we made the most of it and had fun!

Waiting to board the train.  Claire is a goofball.
Sissy love
Daddy and Jules
Claire and Mommy
Daddy and his mini-me.  Seriously.  She looks just like him.
Daddy was really tired.  He's been working so hard so he took a little snooze.  He can sleep anywhere!
Eating lunch on the train
Silly daddy
Claire with Santa
Julianne with Santa
Both girls with Santa
Daddy and Claire
Jules and Mommy
Pretty girl
This was an exhausting day (we ended up being on the train for more than 5 hours when we thought it was going to be 2).  I love that we are making memories like this with the girls though and we had fun on the Santa train!

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