Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crazy Claire

This kid cracks me up.  I thought I'd do a little post with some of the funny things Claire's been doing lately.  She makes me laugh about 500 times a day.

My brother was here a few nights ago and she was insisting that he get in her castle.  He said he was too big but she said "no, you'll fit".  So, he did it.  Here she is pushing him in (she was grunting while doing it).
This is how she rolls in the car

She's really been fighting me on naps lately.  Every day she says "I not tired."  Then as soon as we get in the car to go pick up Julianne at school, this happens.  No, she's not tired.
Same thing.  Different day.

When my grandma was in Hospice last week, Austin came to visit.  My grandparents babysat Austin when he was a baby and he is like a grandchild to them.  He and his mom came to see my grandma.  Claire was smitten immediately.  We went to lunch and she and Austin hit it off.  Here they are outside the restaurant having a great time!  He is going to make a great dad one day.
When she got back to my mom's and was waiting for Austin to get there she went and put her bride costume on and said she was going to marry Austin.  She kills me.
Love this girl and her shenanigans!

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