Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mommy date day

I got tickets a few months ago to take Julianne to Broadway on Ice.  I decided to just make a day of it and we had a mommy/Julianne date day.  We started with lunch at Olive Garden (her fav)!  

We then went over to the store that the girls are going to have their birthday party at this year.  It is a cute little store where the girls get to dress up, get hair and make-up done, and play games.  The girls are so excited about it!  Julianne and I went over to check it out.  Such a cute little store.  Julianne wasted no time trying out the goods.
Then it was time for Broadway on Ice.  I wasn't sure how much she would like it but she seemed to really enjoy it!  Such a fun day with my sweet girl!

I think she had a good time because this is what I looked back and saw about 5 minutes into the drive home. It was a good day for sure!

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