Friday, February 7, 2014

Frozen sing-a-long

The girls went to see Frozen a few weeks ago with my mom.  Today, I took them to the Frozen sing-a-long.  We went with some sweet friends.  What an adorable movie!  We have the soundtrack so the girls were able to sing along with all of the songs.  It got loud a few times in the theater!  The girls had a blast!  

Jules sat in between two of her friends (I guess she is already to cool to sit with mom)
Claire sat next to me with Harper and Hollis on the other side!  Cuties!
We were missing a few kids for this picture but here is our gang
My girls with Harper and Hollis.  They love them so much!

And for all of us moms who are so tired of this song:
That made me LOL!

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