Thursday, February 6, 2014

She doesn't like the Dr. anymore

Unfortunately for Claire, with a birthday comes a visit to the Dr.  She loves her Dr. and normally likes going. That was until she went with Julianne to her last appointment when she had to get her Kindergarten shots.  Julianne screamed her head off, which made Claire scream her head off and say "why are you doing that to my sissy."  I have no idea why I brought Claire with us to that appointment.  Stupid.  When we left Claire said "well I'm never going to the Dr. again!"  I thought she might forget.  By the look on her face when I got her to the Dr. today she did not.

I think she knew what was going to happen
Poor girl
Then I got a little smile. This was just before the nurse came in to give the shots.  I felt so bad because I knew what was coming.  I think it's almost worse for the momma than it is for them. 
She did really well although she did cry for a few minutes.  She calmed down quickly and was very brave.
Getting shots is hard work.  Thank goodness she doesn't need any more until she is 11!  Hallelujah!

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