Sunday, March 23, 2014

Disneyland - Day 1

Today was officially day 1 at Disneyland.  The girls were so excited they could barely contain themselves! 

Going in!
 The girls felt so big giving their own tickets
 Our first stop was Minnie's breakfast!
 Julianne ran to her!
 Claire is no longer scared of things dressed in costumes.  Thank goodness!
 Our cuties with Minnie Mouse!
 Going into Minnie's breakfast.  I highly recommend character dining!  It is the best bang for your buck as far as meeting characters and not waiting in line.  It's pricey but worth it!

 Love this picture of them!
 It was a lot of characters at once so it was a bit overwhelming but they just loved it!
 Claire getting a big hug from Dale
 Eeyore used the girls' heads to sign their autograph books.
 Claire thought it was hilarious!
 Jules telling Alice quite a story!
 They were so excited to get their picture with "a real princess".
 Captain Hook.  Claire was like "he's mean!"
 We left breakfast and the girls were itching to go on their first ride.  We headed for the rockets because they were right there.  
 Ready to ride
 This picture does not do justice to how excited Claire was.  She loved the rockets!  
 Saying hi to Minnie
 The four of us.  I highly recommend getting the photo pass that Disney offers.  They take a zillion pictures of you and you can get one that includes all your photos.  I bought it before we left online and it is even cheaper that way than if you buy it at the park.  I got all the pictures taken while we were there for $69.  That way, we can all four be in pictures too!
 They also do "magic shots" where they place characters in your hand or other places.  Like this one with tinkerbell!  So cute!
 Heading into the castle
 One of my favorite pictures taken while we were there!
 Outside Sleeping Beauty's castle
 And Jules being a goofball
 Love my girls!
 Julianne would ride the carousel all day if she could.
 Claire liked it too!
 She did not like the Snow White ride.  Ha!
 Teacups.  Daddy wimped out because "he gets dizzy".  Whatever!
 Nothing better than spending quality time with my girls
 They love their daddy!
 I'm fairly certain we rode the carousel 3 times the first day!
 In the monkey cage with my monkeys! 

 Meeting Mickey
 All of us with Mickey
Day 1 was a success!  Tomorrow, California Adventures (and probably more Disneyland).

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