Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vacation Day 5 - Sea World!

Day 5 of our vacation was spent at Sea World.  The girls loved it!  I went to this particular Sea World many times as a kid and I was so thrilled to take the girls.  Julianne had been once before but she was only 18 months old so she had no memory of it.  Claire was upset when I told her Julianne had been before.  She said "where was I?"  I told her technically she was there too because it was when she was in my tummy. That seemed to appease her.  
What is an entrance to Sea World without a picture with Shamu?
Checking out some turtles (and posing)
The bird man
This is where the girls wanted to stay basically all day.  A huge play area with a bounce house.  Apparently, we could have just gone to Jump Zone.
The whale show
Claire was in a whale trance
They really are beautiful animals
Checking out the sea lions and thinking about feeding them
Buying food to feed the sea lions
Both of the girls touched dead fish.  I can't even tell you what a big deal this was!  Our dainty little girls hate getting dirty.  They wanted to do it so bad.  We were so proud of them!
Putting it in 
He wanted more
waving to the turtle
Again...posing.  She kills me.
Sister choke hold
Sun bathing on the turtle
The dolphin show (my favorite)!
We had a great day.  It's day 5 and the girls are still getting along great.  We're having such a great time.  I love this time with my sweet little family!

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