Friday, March 28, 2014

Vacation Day 6 - Wild Animal Park

Today we went to the Safari Park.  I have to admit I was expecting a little less walking.  I thought they would have a tram that would take you by pretty much everything and we'd call it a day.  Nope.  The tram portion was only about 30 minutes.  This park is BIG and we had to walk a long way.  I am draggin' y'all.  Going on vacation 5 1/2 weeks post surgery seemed like a good idea at the time.  It's catching up with me.  It's our last day of vacation so we made the most of it but we were all a bit tired. The girls loved seeing all the animals (they did not however like all of the walking).  We didn't bring a stroller on this trip and I've been so proud of how they've kept up with us!  
Who doesn't love a kangaroo?
 Daddy and his girls
 Sister love
 Gorilla love
 Our little bats.  We took one step inside the bat exhibit and both of the girls went "ooooh, it stinks in here."  That was the end of that.  I can't say that I was disappointed because I. hate. bats.
 They were a bit disappointed that their legs weren't long enough for the footsie wootsie machine.  Claire decided to take a nap instead.
 The elephants were our favorite!
 The tram.  I never wanted to get off.  Sweet sitting down.
 The girls enjoyed the rest too
 Always posing.
 Julianne reading the map.  We didn't know which way to go and she said she'd figure it out.
 Copying the statue
 They're so cute I can't stand it.
 We made it!  It was a successful day!  

After we left the Safari Park, we went to meet one of my besties (and college roommate) Tricia and her family for dinner.  Our girls and their daughter Brooklynn became fast friends!  

A little dancing outside the restaurant
 They had a great time!  We only wish it would have been longer.  
And just in case you're wondering if we wore them out with all this....this is what they did when we got back to the hotel.  Oh my.

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