Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vacation - Here we go!

 Well, it's finally here.  We had this big trip planned for last summer and then I got my diagnosis 4 days before we were supposed to leave.  Whole trip canceled.  Thank goodness we hadn't told the girls we were going.  It was going to be a big surprise.  So, I rescheduled it.  5 weeks post surgery.  A little ambitious I know but the girls had spring break so off we went.  I'm going to break this vacation post up into several because I have about 5000 pictures.  We were flying out of Tulsa early on the 22nd, so we left the night before and spent the night in Tulsa to avoid getting up at 4 am.  The girls were so excited to sleep in a hotel.

Packing up the car:
 Jules seriously cracks me up.  Poser.
 Up bright and early to catch our flight to the West coast.
 Love my Claire bear!
 Picture by Jules:
 Picture by Claire:
 Watching Frozen for the 1,248th time.
 Claire and daddy
 We had a looooong layover in Phoenix.  Claire took the opportunity to inhale her pizza.
 They spent the rest of the time like this.  Those kindles just paid for themselves!
 Napping on a napping daddy
We arrived at the Disneyland Hotel and got all checked in.  It was late in the afternoon so we just took it easy the rest of the evening to rest up for the next day!  We explored our hotel on the way to dinner.
The girls were so happy to be at Disneyland (they didn't know we were going there for sure but that's what they had guessed).
 Smelling the flowers
 Ready for Disney!
Playing with daddy
 So fun!
 Two sisters sitting in a tree

 Sweet girl
 They love to smell flowers wherever we go
 I swear she looks 10 in this picture.  She is growing so fast!

More to come of our adventures!  We had the best week!

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