Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vaction - Day 4. Legoland!

We left Anaheim this morning bound for San Diego.  We stopped in Carlsbad on the way to go to Legoland. That was a spur of the moment decision but we had fun!  It's a cute place.  It's no Disneyland but it was fun for a few hours.  

Julianne is sleeping like the Lego man.  Silly girl!

 This is her lion face apparently.
 Waiting in line.  Unlike Disneyland, the lines at Legoland were all short!
 Cutie in a boat!
 Taking in the sights with daddy
 This is a "ride" that you have to work yourself.  You pull a rope to hoist yourself and then let go and fall.  The girls loved it.  I did not.  Not the easiest thing for my 5 week post surgery self to do!

 Driving school

 They got their licenses.  Look out!

 We finally got the girls on a roller coaster!  They both loved it!  

We left Legoland and went on to San Diego, checked into our hotel, and then went for a walk by the harbor.  We found a great little are that had a bunch of places to eat so we had dinner and then the girls fed the ducks. 
 As soon as we finished feeding the birds, we saw this sign.  Woopsie!
 Who doesn't love a cow bench?

We called it a night early so we could get some rest.  Sea World tomorrow!!

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