Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mom Prom!

I went to Mom Prom tonight.  I wasn't sure what to expect but oh my goodness was it fun!  A group of friends from our MOPS group went and it was a BLAST!
We went to dinner at PF Chang's before the "prom".  Yummy!  These are my sweet friends Allison, Angela and Hannah.
 Mel and I.  I love Mel. She is so funny.  And sarcastic which is my love language!
 Adam Levine was there to greet us!
 I know he's engaged but I just had to!  Why is his head 5 times bigger than mine?
 Me with JT.  It was embarrassing how he was hanging all over me.  Or was it the other way around? 
 The DJ at the prom was off the hook.  So good.  Best DJ eva!
 Allison, Hannah, Jill, Me, Julie
 Our fun group of girls!  #funfunfun!

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